A LETTER FROM THE EDITOR! We’re launching!

AWP X Blog is something we have been dreaming up for a while. We spent a lot of time asking ourselves: how can we bring the positive work we’re doing in our Local Groups to a wider audience? How can we make what we do more accessible, more inclusive?

AWP is an organization I have long admired from afar. I discovered it at a time where I was very uncertain of myself. My own journey with my body has been, and continues to be, exactly that – a journey. There are days when I look in the mirror and I am completely in love with what I see. Other times, that seems completely impossible. But it became slightly less impossible when I surrounded myself, online, with a more diverse idea of beauty. I unfollowed every single account that made me second-guess the marvel of my body, said goodbye to the hordes of bloggers and Instagram-celebrities that, either inadvertently or not so, made me feel less than I am.

My vision is that this blog becomes an extension of that online safe-space I created for myself, a haven of diversity and inclusion, where everyone feels comfortable and able to bask in the wonder of their being, free from media-constructed ideas and ideals.

That’s why everything you see and read here is directly from the womxn themselves. As an editor, all I did is fix a few spellings and add a few commas. I wanted our womxn to be able to tell their stories as freely and authentically as possible, and for you to be able to consume them that way, too.

I am in awe of everyone who has contributed to this issue – their talent, passion and bravery tells me we, as a society, are doing something right in the way we empower our womxn and girls.

My wish is that you, reader, find something here. Pride, or understanding, or curiosity or empowerment, or motivation.  I have felt all of these and more in the curation of this issue, and I hope you do too.

Here’s to the first of many.

Amy xxx



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