Who can start an AWP local group?

Anyone! Students (or not) from middle school, high school and college can register a group with AWP. Not a student? No problem, you can create your own AWP local group in your community, without being attached to a school.

Groups are youth-driven and focused so we expect that the main point of contact with AWP be a youth group Leader. Group Leaders have to be at least 13 years old. Members can be younger and older, of course.

There’s no age limit to create your own AWP community local group. The only thing we ask is that most of your actions as a group be targeted towards the youth in your community. We have a group in Paris that’s made of mums, sisters and aunts mostly but whose activations are all geared towards elementary schools as they know that’s where body image issues and self-doubt usually arise! Make your group what your community needs!

Does an AWP local group have to be affiliated with a school?

While we recommend that groups be affiliated with a school, it is not necessary. School-based groups are often the best way to get friends and your school administration on board with your efforts – as well as ensure that the group you build lasts through the years. As long as you have the support, successful groups can also be affiliated with a faith-based organization, community organization or even home-grown! There’s no one size-fits-all here either!

Can an AWP local group be combined with another club?

Absolutely. Success is in numbers and we want you to have the greatest success ever with your activities, if that means joining forces, so be it!  Events, in particular, can be more successful when you join together and combine resources rather than compete with one another. Just remember your commitment to AWP and our values. If your event is a fundraiser, at least 50% of the money raised should go back to AWP. If your group is affiliated with another club, we just ask that you let us know in your report.

What kind of activities are groups required to do?

To remain in good standing with AWP, your group must lead at least 5 AWP activities throughout the year (that’s about 1 every other month). The kind of activities that you do is up to you! However we highly recommend that at least half of them involve younger students. That could be speaking engagements in elementary schools or events dedicated to girls your age and younger, or  mentorship sessions sponsored by AWP for girls in your community. Create the youth connection! 

AWP provides a ton of suggestions and information on empowerment activities, education, fundraising, and advocacy opportunities for your group after you register!

Do groups have to fundraise?

No, you don’t have to! We get most of our funding from corporations, not individuals.

Even though most groups choose to fundraise, there are plenty of alternatives to explore and we understand that some schools have strict rules about fundraising. We have many, many other ideas for you to make a change!

If you do choose to fundraise, AWP provides all the tools and information you need to make fundraising with your group both fun and easy!

What is the AWP Community?

The AWP Community is a web portal for AWP local groups; it allows you to post videos, add to our activity calendar, chat with other clubs and receive the latest news on the headquarter’s activities and other groups. It also has resources like videos, meeting flyers and guides to make your lives easier.