How to feel at home in your body.

Moun D’Simone, creator of the online class How to Feel At Home in Your Body, shares her best tips and tricks on how to do so.

In a time where social media dictates coolness and beauty, cultivating our own relationships with our bodies takes serious work. It means actively choosing to rebel against the stories we are told and the narratives we internalize around guilt, shame, and worth. This is work I am personally very familiar with. At the age of 13 I was told I was going to be a model. My ideas of beauty, body image and confidence were very tainted from very early on. I struggled with body dysmorphia, an eating disorder, and self medication with drugs and alcohol. I didn’t know what it meant to look in the mirror without scanning for the next pimple or scar, or finding extra fat because of the almond croissants I ate the day before.

After many trips to India, spiritual studies, and internal explorations, I finally met my body for the first time. I learned practices to bring me back to myself and began to fall in love with myself. I learned that food is energy and that the majority of the time I was not hungry for food, I was hungry for life, purpose, joy and expression. I learned that trauma is stored in the body, and that when left unresolved can turn into eating disorders, body shame, and emotional dysfunction.It is through these practices that I have been able feel comfortable within my body and to continuously meet myself where I am. I finally live a life of purpose and able to better relate to my emotions and life’s ups and downs.

Here are the 6 principles to empowerment that I’ve come across in my journey to maintain a loving relationship with my body. But before you begin for yourself, it is important that you believe you are worthy of healing. You are worthy of writing a new story for yourself, where you your heart, and your choices are in the spotlight:

1 – We Recognize where we can grow, where we are hurting, how we have hurt ourselves and others.

2 – We Accept that whatever is past is in the past. This is not resignation, but rather a way to recognize what happened and begin to clean old energy that is stuck in our minds, bodies and hearts.

3 – We Forgive. We first forgive ourselves for all the times we have let ourselves be guided by others, for hurting ourselves, emotionally, physically and mentally and for abandoning ourselves, whether consciously or unconsciously. We then forgive those who have hurt us, as there is freedom in forgiveness and letting go. And lastly we ask for forgiveness to those we have hurt.

4 – We Integrate, internalize, metabolize, and process what has just surfaced. It may be scary at first, but on the other side of scary is exciting. We sit, we write, we visualize, we find the moment between the stimulus and response, that moment where we show up and keep choosing us.
5 – We Create a new life and a new story by exploring what makes us come alive, and feel present in our bodies. We ask ourselves to seek out new ways to support our own growth and the growth of others.

6 – We Embody ourselves fully and begin to live a life where we are fully present and aware. We use all of the senses as a means to awaken, are motivated to help others, and know we have a right to our place in this world. We no longer hide– instead we shine, we stand up tall and proud, we take up space.

This is a practice. We live in this practice, in this choice to continue to evolve and heal. We choose to continue to show up for ourselves and the world. Through this work, we learn to become aware of emotions, to address feelings and honor the heart, and to be aware every single moment. There is no way around it. For more information, techniques including breathwork, meditation and embodiment techniques; and guidance on incorporating these principles into tangible daily practices, please join my online class, How to Feel At Home in Your Body

Share your stories, share your heart. We are here together experiencing this life, and by sharing we are reminded of how deeply interconnected we truly are, and how we are not ever alone. I love you!


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    I want women all over the world to feel like they can say no to outdated models of care and reclaim their own bodies emotionally and physically. I want you to experience what I’ve experienced.

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