The Beauty in Flaws by Gabi Morris


I believe in the beauty of flaws, in the untaintedness of the straying eyelash on your cheek and the wilting flowers with missing petals. the chipped teacup in the back of the cupboard, ripped up ramblings and misplaced jigsaw pieces, the crease between your brows and the tea leaves that float to the top of the mug. the stuttered sentences and awkward laughter, grass stained dungarees and muddy footprints, sun kissed freckles and snails carrying cracked shells, the shimmering shards of a broken glass bottle, inky fingers and that speck of dust wandering aimlessly through the air.. grazed knees, crumbling sidewalks and colouring over the lines, the resonance of the raging sea, the smell of the rain mixing with mire, the scar on your left knee from your first fall, that one kink of hair reluctantly slithering through straightened strands and the way rain smudges mascara. Everything is perpetually flawed.


“Every single thing on this planet is beautifully out of place”


We are living in a faulted world inhabited by dehumanised humans who are stitched together entirely by each and every mistake, mark, fallacy… bound psychologically and physically by the chains they themselves fabricate from their flaws and errors. Every single thing on this planet is beautifully out of place, in such a way that we are constantly tripping on the thread of thoughts which is tangled solely in the seams of our skin and what emanates beyond that rather than beneath. And our biggest error of all? The one problem that stands out more than un-symmetrical lips and the lies we tell ourselves that leave them? The notion that if we start unraveling this yarn we can resew it into something “perfect”, something ameliorated and improved, a notion of what we believe we should be in order to pursue passion and a life we love. But that’s the actual issue right there, that belief and acting upon it. Because if you do that, if you undo everything you hate about yourself and loosen your strands, what remnants will actually remain? There will eventually be no roots left to work with. We chain ourselves to this rhythmic rope of rumination about our every element. And with every swing we allow ourselves to sway, we string out the self spoliation which will thin and fray into self destructed strands of the selves we authentically could be if we allowed ourselves to be. We will end up tied up in the tatters of this tainted perception, whether physically, psychologically, emotionally, spiritually, socially…


“The wrongest decision we could ever make is deciding we are not good enough”


Don’t do it to yourself.

Don’t destroy yourself for a desire that will demarcate and diminish your uniqueness down to the very soles of your soul and every step at the soles of your feet. Don’t become a prisoner to yourself…Trapped in your own body and wrangled in the thoughts in your head. That is the most true and the worst flaw that you could ever fabricate.The wrongest decision we could ever make is deciding we are not good enough. The worst wrongdoing of our being is the notion that we are so wrong. The most of the mishap we make in life is mistaking ourselves and mistreating ourselves for what we believe is not beautiful in us. Faulting ourselves is our foolish fault. Because, believe me, when you define yourself as ugly and ‘imperfect’ you will live and breathe it as well as seeing it in the mirror. You will be existing in a flawed fate that is only erroneous because it was never ever destined for you in your deservedness to be at peace with yourself and pursuing whatever passions ignite your soul. I believe you are flawed. I believe you are beautiful. And I believe contrary to the contradictions you have created and whatever way it is that you berate the body you breathe in, with every fibre of my own being that you truly can be both of these things simultaneously. And how do I know?

Because I chose to believe it for myself.

Because I’m doing it now.

Image credit: “Embroidered Metropolis” by Manny Robertson


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