AWP’s mission is to empower, educate and advocate everywhere we go! We need a team of dedicated individuals, queens, princesses and killer babes to help us spread the word in their community and be our ambassadors locally!


In groups all over the world, the AWP community comes together to better the life of girls and womxn locally. You can open a group in middle school, high school, college or in your own community.

*You have to be 13 yo to apply.



Make a difference by being the driving force of change in your community! Make your world a better place for yourself and others around you.


  • Host events, panels and workshops in your local area and spread the values and message of AWP.
  • Learn how to develop leadership skills necessary to make a positive difference in the lives of womxn everywhere, educating your peers on topics that matter to you.
  • Be an advocate. With the help of AWP, talk to the brands and organizations you like and use your voice to ask for more diversity in the media.
  • Educate younger kids about our values and make sure they grow confident and empowered by telling them about diversity, self-love and inclusion.
  • Organize mentorship sessions for girls in your community, making sure that they always have someone to look up to and identify with. Representation is key in your community, too.
  • Talk to your school and request educational events + classes + workshops on body image/race/sexuality/gender identity.
  • Grow our community by recruiting new members and raising funds locally for your own activations and AWP’s global activations.


What you will gain as part of the AWP local groups network?

  • Access our exclusive online portal where you’ll meet and exchange with all the other AWP local group members.
  • Download online material to educate yourself and your friends on everything about diversity and self-acceptance!
  • Have access to templates to help you run your group (emails, flyers, stories, posts, letters, how to…)
  • Get PR, financial and marketing support from our headquarters at all times for all your approved activations. We have your back so you can always move forward and grow!

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